October 6, 2018

The Portland 5k Event features tough events - you will be tougher when you are finished.  You may participate in one of the following events:

  • Portland 5k 

  • Portland 5k Team event with 5 - 10 team members

  • School Cross Country Invitational

Spectators - your friends, family, and other cheering sections may stay on the inside of the track, or on the outside of the track.  The Portland International Raceway has a pedestrian bridge that goes over the racetrack, so you may walk back and forth.  You may also set up a tent on either side of the bridge.  You may put things in your tent that help your participant - things like dry clothes, a heater, cot, blankets, water.  If you form a team of 30 participants, Portland 5k  will purchase a customized tent for your team (three weeks are needed to manufacture your team tent). 

Parking - when you enter the Portland International Raceway grounds, you will pay a $10.00 car/$50 bus parking fee. Parking attendants will help you find the perfect parking space.

Medical - Acceleration Sports Medicine of Tigard, Oregon will provide medical assistance before, during, and after the event.  Read about Acceleration Sports Medicine - CLICK HERE.

Gear Check - you will keep track of your gear. The event is very close to parking, and the event allows you to have friends, family, and cheering sections - they will help you with your gear.

Food - The Portland International Raceway provides food vendors. Available for purchase will be cold and hot sandwiches and drinks. Portland 5k  participants will receive a food and drink voucher that you may use to purchase a great post-race meal.

Afternoon Event - 50 schools will converge on the Portland International Raceway during the afternoon.  The Portland 5k Cross Country Invitation will begin on the track at 9:30 AM. If you would like to watch some very good athletes perform, stay for the Invitational. Congratulations to all the coaches and runners.

Travel - Portland International Raceway is known by all the locals in Portland and Vancouver. The venue is only a few miles from the Portland International Airport.  

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