October 6, 2018


The Portland 5k Event debuts in October 2018. The Portland metropolitan area is a running location - and, a 5k Open is needed in the Portland area.  The Portland 5k recognizes the huge following of runners and walkers in the area - it just seems right to have the Portland 5k at the Portland International Raceway.  Maybe lots of records will be set.  Maybe a lot of folks will have an incredibly good time.


The Portland 5k is sponsored by corporations, non-profits, and schools.  


Corporations help promote the event for a chance to promote their company to the participants of the event. Sometimes companies simply provide information to the company's clients or employees.  Some companies provide merchandise or cash to help make the event be a better event for the participants.


Likewise, non-profits provide event information to their company's cliental or employees. Non-profits hope participants will donate to the important causes when they register for the event. Event proceeds are not generally donated to a non-profit unless the non-profit has supplied labor or merchandise to the event. In the future, non-profits may choose to raise money by forming teams to raise donations using the name of the event.

School clubs and teams provide volunteers from before dawn until the entire event is cleaned up. Schools always receive money for their important volunteer work.  We appreciate the volunteers more than anything else.

The Portland 5k event is owned by a for-profit company - Uberthons, LLC., a company registered in the State of Oregon.  Proceeds from registrations are used to stage the event.

Uberthons is primarily an event company specializing in running and walking events. The company owns the Oregon Marathon, and the Oregon Half Marathon Series - namely, the Oregon Winter Half Marathon, the Oregon Spring Half Marathon, the Oregon Summer Half Marathon, and the Oregon Fall Half Marathon.  The successful Oregon Marathon and Oregon Half Marathon Series are popular events held in Marion, Clackamas, and Washington Counties in Oregon.  The events attempt to showcase the beauty of Oregon by providing the most choice venues for Half Marathons - The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Course, Heirloom Roses Nursery, St. Josef's Winery, and the Banks Vernonia State Park Trail. Read more about Uberthons.

Uberthons provides short-distance events, also. The Turkeython on Thanksgiving Morning is held in six area locations. Turkeythons are held in Hillsboro, Gresham, Vancouver, Downtown Portland, Yoncalla, Beaverton, and Tigard. The Turkeython was recognized by Competitor.com magazine as one of the Must-do November/December races in the United States - read more. Other 5k, 10k, and Quarter Marathons include other 'thons' - Luckython, Chocolatathon, Freedomthon, and Halloweenathon.

The company has always hoped to earn the trust of a participant by providing quality venues, good food, good courses, somewhat-good entertainment, and sharp-looking medals.  A participant should receive maximum value for a registration fee. 




Profits, if any, from Uberthons events provide resources to continue developing new events and new opportunities.  Lately, Uberthons has established lap-counting software for schools to count laps at their annual fun-run fundraisers. Uberthons searched around the world for software that was already developed that would provide lap-counting features only, but, could not find it.  Finally, a technician was found with the capability to provide the exact customer interface that would allow a young person, or a school teacher, to have complete command of the software. Now, schools can expect to have a printed lap count within two minutes after the students have stopped running - sometimes over 5,000 laps are counted in a 20-minute span - and, no more popsicle sticks are needed!  Uberthons is developing an online pledge system for schools to use - it will be completely kid friendly.  The new KidathonsPledgeSystem has been developed to help schools raise funds electronically.  These projects, and others, keep Uberthons guys busy.


Over the years, Uberthons has come to know that it is very important for folks to keep active. Maybe as they get older, it is a natural thing to learn . . . and certain event procedures have been adopted that reflect this knowledge. Uberthons has also come to realize a registration fee is not as important as someone being active. All people are invited to participate in Uberthons events regardless - if Uberthons can help, let them help. Folks run and walk For Fun, For Competition, and For Fitness. Most people run and walk for Fun and for Fitness, and Uberthons applauds you for keeping your own program going.  If Uberthons can encourage you, or help you with your fitness program, let Uberthons know. The guys have other daytime jobs, but, somehow manage to find the time to keep Uberthons going. They believe it is the passion of surrounding ourselves with good people that keeps them going.


The guys have as much fun as the participants during an Uberthons event.  Maybe more fun! They also have fun designing medals, searching for perfect venues, encouraging people in their fitness programs, setting up courses, timing the event, timing events for other race directors, designing ribbons, bibs, flags, and banners. Thank you for being Uberthoners, and thank you for being part of the Portland 5k event. Good luck at the Portland 5k event!






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